Harry Chapin Memorial Run/Walk Against Hunger

Thanks for coming out everyone!  Check back soon for photos and more results.

10k and Fun Run Winners are up... our photos are on Facebook (you don’t have to join facebook to view)

10k Results  Fun Run Winners 5k Winners

 Photos from 2016 on Facebook

Fundraiser Pie Winners

Congratulations to Our 2016 Top Fundraisers and Enjoy Your Sweet Reward!

Congratulations to each of the following participants who were the first to raise and/or donate at least $100 on their personal fundraising pages and earned a handmade old-fashioned pie from Baked By Susan!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated and helped us to raise funds to fight hunger!

Debra Borchardt
Susan Bree
Elaine Brennan
Marie Calo
David Colistra
Sammy & Karen Colombo
Amanda Copeland
Ron Deckelbaum
Maureen Dillon
Jamie Draper
Madeline Ferguson
Yvonne Franck
Pete Gaccione
Bella Gashi
Eve Hartman
Dawn Hope
Jamie Hough
Bettie Jackson
Juliette Le Blanc-Simpson
Lester Look
Aidan Mayer
Lindsay Mergens
Victoria Metz
Jennifer Moore
Cynthia Plater
Melissa Ragsly
Luke Robinson
Carol Shanesy
Pete Smith
Emily Soper
Virginia Stillman
Freddie Streisfeld-Leitner
Aidan Ter Boss
Marcio Werner
Anita Wilenkin
Joanne Witmyer
Ralph Wood
Maryann Zabbia

“When in doubt…do something!”

Harry Chapin had a goal: he wanted to end world hunger during his lifetime. So he did something about it.  He raised and donated millions of dollars by performing “one night for me, and one night for the other guy” throughout his career.  He co-founded World Hunger Year (now WhyHunger), and Long Island Cares (now The Harry Chapin Food Bank).  He lobbied Congress and President Carter to get involved.  And he encouraged his fans to make a difference.


Countdown to Race Day








Harry’s Music

Harry’s music and his humanitarian work are forever linked together.  Here’s the “Chapin anthem” that he sang at the end his concerts.

Thank you to all who came out to our many events!

The folks at East Hudson Media did an outstanding job in 2015 of capturing both the spirit and the excitement of the event.

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